Character Animation

Amber in Action

EMBR is a realtime character animation engine developed by the Embodied Agents Research Group (EMBOTS), part of the MMCI Excellence Cluster, located at DFKI, Saarbrücken, Germany.

In EMBR, animations are described either by pre-recorded animations or by sequences of key poses influencing parts of a character. A key pose may specify a sub-skeleton configuration, a shader parameter value, a set of kinematic constraints or a combination of morph targets.

Although EMBR has been initially developed in order to animate embodied conversational agents (ECAs), we believe it is also well suited for a broader range of application like video games, virtual puppetry and theater.


EMBR's documentation is still a work in progress. However, you can get here the current version (V. 0.5.2).


EMBR now runs on Linux and Win32 architectures. the windows installer is available here. The Linux debian package is available here: here. For non deb-based distributions, a snapshot of the panda runtime environment to be run in a Panda SDK (v. 1.6.2) will be available soon. EMBR sources will be made available as soon as EMBR's code reach a satisfying maturity level.

Example Scripts

A selection of EMBRScripts samples as well as a standalone java application which enables you to control EMBR is embedded into the installation package.