Second International Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology (SLTAT)

23 October 2011

University of Dundee, UK (in conjunction with ASSETS 2011, 24-26 October 2011)

Registration via ASSETS website

Download the accepted papers

Accepted papers

Accepted Papers

  1. SignQUOTE: A Remote Testing Facility for Eliciting Signed Qualitative Feedback

    Jerry Schnepp, Rosalee Wolfe, Brent Shiver, John McDonald and Jorge Toro

  2. Text-sign parallel corpus study to start designing an automatic translation system

    Michael Filhol, Line Patris and Pierre Guitteny

  3. Text Parsing for Sign Language Generation with Combinatory Categorial Grammar

    Jin-Woo Chung and Jong C. Park

  4. Using Timing Information to Improve Avatars' Performance

    Thomas Hanke, Silke Matthes, Anja Regen, Jakob Storz, Satu Worseck, Ralph Elliott, John Glauert and Richard Kennaway

  5. Search-By-Example in Multilingual Sign Language Databases

    Ralph Elliott, Helen Cooper, John Glauert, Richard Bowden and Franšois Lefebvre-Albaret

  6. Developing a Linguistically Motivated Avatar for Irish Sign Language Visualisation

    Irene Murtagh

  7. Extending the SiGML Notation - a Progress Report

    John Glauert and Ralph Elliott

  8. Adding Sign Language Animation to the ECHOES Multimodal Technology Enhanced Learning Environment

    Elaine Farrow and Oliver Lemon

  9. Synthesizing American Sign Language Spatially Inflected Verbs from Motion-Capture Data

    Pengfei Lu and Matt Huenerfauth

  10. Signing Avatars: a Feasibility Study

    Alexis Heloir and Michael Kipp

  11. Revisiting Concatenative Video Synthesis with Relaxed Constraints (poster)

    Sangyong Gil and Jong C. Park

  12. Towards Russian Sign Languages Corpora

    Alexander Voskresenskiy

  13. WebSign: a sign language machine translation (poster)

    Oussama El Ghoul and Mohamed Jemni