International Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology (SLTAT)

10-11 Jan 2011

Located at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Berlin, Germany


Here you find the programme as a webpage or to be downloaded as a PDF.

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here: Book of Abstracts (PDF)

Presentation Slides

All presentation slides can be downloaded here as PDF (just click on the title). Note that the author order reflects the order given on the slides and is not always consistent with the book of abstracts:


Cyclic Data-Driven Research on American Sign Language Animation
(Matt Huenerfauth)

Challenge 1: Symbolic Translation

Text to SL translation
(Michael Filhol, Annelies Braffort)

Challenges in Statistical Sign Language Translation
(Christoph Schmidt, Daniel Stein and Hermann Ney)

Body at Work: using corpora in Sign Language Machine Translation
(Sara Morrissey)

Machine Translation with Corpus Linguistics and HPSG?
(Eva Safar)

Linguistic Processing in the ATLAS Project
(Leonardo Lesmo, Alessandro Mazzei, Daniele Radicioni)

Challenge 2: Avatars

An Avatar to Depict Sign Language: Building from Reusable Hand Animation
(Rosalee Wolfe, John McDonald, Jerry Schnepp)

Signing Avatars: Linguistic and Computer Animation Challenges
(Kyle Duarte, Sylvie Gibet, Nicolas Courty)

Automatic generation of French Sign Language
(Maxime Delorme, Michael Filhol, Annelies Braffort)

Overview of Signing Avatar Work at UEA
(John Glauert, Richard Kennaway, Vince Jennings, Ralph Elliott)

A Feasibility Study on Signing Avatars
(Michael Kipp, Alexis Heloir, Quan Nguyen)

The ATLAS Interpreter of the Italian Sign Language
(Vincenzo Lombardo, Fabrizio Nunnari, Rossana Damiano)

Sign speech synthesis system
(Zdenek Krnoul)