ERIC - A Generic Rule-based Framework for an Affective Embodied Commentary Agent

ERIC is an affective embodied agent for realtime commentary in many domains. The underlying architecture is rule-based, generic, and lightweight - based on Java/Jess modules. Apart from reasoning about dynamically changing events, the system can produce coherent natural language and non-verbal behaviour, based on a layered model of affect (personality, mood, emotion). We show how reasoning, template-based natural language generation and affective appraisal can be implemented within the same rulebased paradigm. To make the system domain independent we worked on two different domains, a virtual horse race and a multiplayer tank battle game. We empirically evaluated the genericness of the system by measuring the effort it takes to change the domain.

Winner of the GALA Award 2007

Strauss, M., Kipp, M. (2008) ERIC: A Generic Rule-based Framework for an Affective Embodied Commentary Agent. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS-08).

ERIC commentary excerpt (.mpg, 7MB): Shows excerpts from ERIC commentary, together with the emotion cube reflecting ERIC's current mood blended in. Video quality is somewhat low.

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