IGaze - Studying reactive gaze behavior in semi-immersive human-avatar interactions

IGaze is a semi-immersive human-avatar interaction system. Using head tracking and an illusionistic 3D effect we let users interact with a talking avatar in an application interview scenario. The avatar features reactive gaze behavior that adapts to the user position according to exchangeable gaze strategies. In user studies we showed that two gaze strategies successfully convey the intended impression of dominance/submission and that the 3D effect was positively received. We argue that IGaze is a suitable setup for exploring reactive nonverbal behavior synthesis in human-avatar interactions.

Kipp, M., Gebhard, P. (2008) IGaze: Studying reactive gaze behavior in semi-immersive human-avatar interactions. In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA-08), Springer, pp. 191-199.

IGaze setup (.wmv, 2MB): Shows hardware setup with wiimote.
IGaze interaction (.wmv, 3MB) Shows interaction snippets under the two gaze conditions (dominant/submissive).

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