IVAN: A plan-based approach for affective sports commentary in real-time

The IVAN system (Intelligent Interactive Virtual Agent Narrators) generates affective commentary on a tennis game that is given as an annotated video in real-time. The system employs two distinguishable virtual agents that have different roles (TV commentator, expert), personality profiles, and positive, neutral, or negative attitudes to the players. The system uses an HTN planner to generate dialogues which enables to plan large dialogue contributions and generate alternative plans. The system can also interrupt the current discourse if a more important event happens. The current affect of the virtual agents is conveyed by lexical selection, facial expression, and gestures. The system integrates background knowledge about the players and the tournament and user pre-defined questions. We have focused on the dialogue planning, knowledge processing, and behaviour control of the virtual agents. Commercial products have been used as the audio-visual component of the system.


IVAN was Ivan Gregor's master project in the EMBOTS group. You may want to have a look at the final presentation slides. The virtual characters were kindly provided by Charamel GmbH.


Gregor, I., Kipp, M. and Miksatko, J. (2009) IVAN - Intelligent Interactive Virtual Agent Narrators. In: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA-09), Springer, pp. 560-561.


Overview of IVAN WMV (12 MB)
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