An important objective of our research group is to produce tangible results to be used in the wider research community. Here is a list available software produced in our group.


EMBR: A Realtime Animation Engine for Interactive Embodied Agents

Embodied agents are a powerful paradigm for current and future multimodal interfaces, yet require high effort and expertise for their creation, assembly and animation control. Therefore, open animation engines and high-level control languages are required to make embodied agents accessible to researchers and developers. We present EMBR, a new realtime character animation engine that offers a high degree of animation control via the EMBRScript language.

Released under the GNU Lesser GPL license.

EMBR Homepage


ANVIL: The Video Annotation Research Tool

ANVIL is a Java-based video annotation research tool. It allows the systematic annotation of digital video and 3D motion capture data on multiple layers. The user can define own coding schemes and is provided with an intuitive and efficient graphical interface.

ANVIL Homepage


JMocap: A Java Player for Motion Capture Files

Java-based motion capture player (uses Java3D), published as open source under the LGPL license. The tool has a graphical user interface which was not meant for public use :) One can load BVH and Acclaim files (ASF, AMC). This software package is also used in the ANVIL tool for visualizing the motion capture data.

Released under the GNU Lesser GPL license.

Project page (Google code)


TouchFlow: A Dataflow Tool for Designing Multitouch Applications

TouchFlow is a visual editor that allows to model the flow of input data from mouse, fingers or other devices, using transformations, to the output media like 2D or 3D graphics. It is particularly suited for controlling continuous movement. It is similar to tools like Max/MSP and vvvv but explicitly geared toward processing multitouch inputs. TouchFlow is fully implemented in Java.

Released under the GNU Lesser GPL license.

Project page (Google code)


JOCC: A Jess-based OCC Emotion Model Implementation

JOCC is a very simple implementation of the so-called OCC model of emotional processing. It is implemented in the JESS rule language. JESS is a Java-based implementation of the famous CLIPS rule engine. Therefore, it can easily be integrated in Java programs.

Released under the GNU Lesser GPL license.

Project page (Google code)